Install Dash Enterprise on an On-Premises Linux Server

Dash Enterprise helps businesses operationalize data science, AI, and ML models.

Please follow the steps below to install Dash Enterprise on Linux server.

In an on-premises environment, Dash Enterprise is currently only installable in single-server mode. To install Dash Enterprise on a cluster, please see our Azure AKS and AWS EKS installation methods.

Step 1: Prepare your Linux environment.

Procure a dedicated Linux server with at least:

  • 64-bit Linux server
  • 8CPU (or vCPU) cores
  • 16 GB RAM and 32 GB swap space
  • 210 GB disk space for the Plotly data directory (2 TB recommended)
  • 120 GB of disk space minimum for the Docker data directory (defaults to /var/lib/docker)
  • 20 GB of total disk space is a required minimum for the Replicated data directory (/var/lib/replicated)

Please consult the On-premises installation on own server section of the Dash Enterprise installation guide.

Step 2: Contact us for the Dash Enterprise software license key

💾 Congrats! Your Linux environment is ready to install the Dash Enterprise software.

☎️ Fill out this form and we'll connect you with a Plotly engineer to get you the appropriate license key and discuss pricing.

Dash Enterprise: Airgapped Single Server Architecture

  • In Dash Enterprise Airgapped, the software is distributed as a single binary that contains Dash Enterprise’s Docker Images. This is installed & run without internet access.
  • The customer has control over the network access of the software. They may run it on a completely isolated network without inbound or outbound requests (requiring end users to VPN into this network)
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