Embedding Middleware

Add AI and ML capabilities to your product GUIs through seamless embedding of Python Dash apps.

The Dash Enterprise Embedding Middleware allows Dash apps to embed in any web platform (without the use of iframes).

Embedding Middleware supports single sign-on (SSO), so embedded Dash apps can read who is signed into the parent website without reauthenticating.


Embed anywhere
Single sign-on
No iframes
Salesforce Integration
Bi-directional data flow

Embed anywhere

React application, static website, or Chromium desktop app? It doesn't matter. Dash apps embed anywhere with the Dash Enterprise Embedding Middleware.

embedded image

Add Advanced Analytics to any website.

🚫Just say no to iframes.

🐘Infrastructure that scales.

🔒Seamless single sign-on.

📱Create a first-class mobile UX.

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