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Design like a pro — without writing a line of CSS or HTML. Design Kit takes "low-code" development to a new level.

The Dash Enterprise Design Kit lets you easily arrange, style and customize Dash apps so that they can be deployed in no time. We developed Design Kit for Plotly's own Dash consulting team to address a recurring problem — every Dash application we wrote contained similar code-intensive CSS. There had to be a better way.

Design Kit is our next-generation, reusable information design framework for Dash. We designed simplified layouts. We created enterprise-friendly sidebars and headers. We added a point & click theme editor to rapidly unify Dash app look and feel.

With Design Kit, Dash apps that used to weigh in at 2,000 lines can be pixel-perfect in just 200.


Templates & Starter apps
Theme Editor
Mobile responsiveness

Templates & Starter apps—hello, world!

Sometimes we all just need a little help getting started. Dash Enterprise comes with ready-to-use app templates, in the most popular layouts & starter apps allowing you to easily create highly polished applications and integrate them with a wide range of data sources. You can easily experiment with styles and layouts to get just the right look, including pre-built pixel-perfect templates so you can get up and running even faster.

Easily arrange, style, and customize your Dash apps. Go from exploration to deploying beautiful, production-ready apps in no time.

📃Experiment with different layouts.

✏️Add annotations and highlight KPIs.

🎨Customizable colors, controls, headers, and navigational elements.

📱Create fully responsive, mobile-friendly apps.

Styling with Dash Bootstrap vs Dash Enterprise Design Kit

Dash Core Components, graphs, and interactive tables are not themeable with Dash Bootstrap Components. A simple color change requires the help of a front-end developer to modify and match the styling of each individual card.

Before Design Kit

With Dash Enterprise Design Kit, styling is made simple, no matter how many cards an app has. Dash Core Components, graphs, and interactive tables are all themeable. Style changes can be made with a click of a button in the live design GUI and shared across multiple applications.

After Design Kit

Styling with Dash Enterprise Design Kit vs. Tableau

Dash Enterprise Design KitTableau
Author & MaintainerPlotlyTableau
Starter AppsYes (84)No
Live Design GUIYesYes
Print-Ready Interactive ReportsYesNo
Persistent NotificationsYesNo
Python Exception NotificationsYesNo
Drag & DropYes (upcoming release)Yes
Themeable Dash Core ComponentsYesNo
Themeable GraphsYesYes
Themeable Interactive Tables (DataTable)YesNo
Granular StylingYesYes
Fullscreen PreviewsYesNo

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